Bottelary Hills Red Blend paired with Danie’s favourite pizza

Being a fourth-generation family farm, home is extremely important to us. The Bottelary Hills Red Blend is a love letter to this place. Bottelary isn’t flashy or fancy. It’s a place of real farmers who’ve been here for generations. 

Every year, we produce a blend that captures the year’s harvest. However, no matter the exact blend percentages, you can always be sure that the Bottelary Hills Red Blend is a rich, opulent and full wine. The 2021 vintage shows great elegance and fruit density, boasting heaps of black fruits on the nose with a refined and silky finish.  

“Bottelary” is the name a ship’s pantry, hailing back from the 1600s when these hills were used as an outpost on the two-day trek from Cape Town to Stellenbosch. Unsurprisingly, when it came to finding the best dish to pair with this wine, we turned to our own pantry. This wine goes deliciously with Danie’s favourite pizza — a leftover special featuring pulled lamb and roast peppers. It’s a South African twist on an Italian classic, making it a true Bottelary Hills pizza special that tastes of home.  

Join Carin in making this decadent, proudly South African pizza — we’ve even got a step-by-step recipe card and video for you to follow. The Bottelary Hills Red Blend perfectly accentuates the creamy cheese flavours and herbaceous notes of the basil. From our pantry to yours, this is the perfect pairing to see you through the last of the cold days.

Download the recipe